Core Competence

Firstec is creating the future of the defense industry through technological innovation and continuous research and development activity.

Production Capacity


Machining Capability
With precision cutting facilities such as MCT and LNC, and plastic working equipment such as sheet metal, welding, and painting, FIRSTEC is able to perform the entire machine manufacturing process.
(42,700 ft² : Possession of cutting machining line, 17,800 ft² : Possession of plastic working line)
Assembling Capability
Composition of precision machine assembly site, PCB dedicated workshop, wire harness assembly site, Actuator dedicated line, etc. (42,700 ft²), In particular, FIRSTEC have the optimal environment for precision assembly products through clean room operation.
Mechatronics Capability
Possession of synthetic production capacity that can combine the mechanical technology and electronic control technology (Possesses the ability to manufacture everything in one factory, from mechanical processing to final electronic components)
PCB dedicated workshop
(Clean Room)

Equipped with designated clean room
to PCB for flawless product quality
and customer satisfaction.


Precision machine assembly line
(Clean Room)

Production of solenoid valve (a key
component of pneumatic actuator)
and possesing a clean room for
quality improvement of mechanical
& electronic component assembly

정밀기계 조립실

Electromechanical Actuation System assembly line

Possession of a dedicated assembly
line for Electromechanical Actuation
System (establishment of a dedicated
line for mass production)

전기식 구동장치 조립실

Aircraft W/H assembly room

Possession of a dedicated production line for aircraft wire harness manufacturing (KUH, V-22, etc)