About Us

FIRSTEC is a supporter of Korea's independent national defense strategy and provide for the global defense industry.

FIRSTEC : The provider of
global defense industry

FIRSTEC has launched its business to materialize the Korea's independent national defense strategy.
Since its foundation, it has been recognized in the defence industry for its continuous sprit of challenges and technological innovation.
FIRSTEC is making every effort to develop ultra-precision key components in the global defence industry as well as domestic counterpart.

Competitive product
quality and trusted brand

Spearhead core technology and flawless durability of the components
must not being overlooked in the sophisticated weapon system.
FIRSTEC promises trust through product-focused management
to perfectly satisfy the requirements of customers.

Sincere partnership
for mutually beneficial

In order to develope a weapon system and ensure its reliability,
sincere communication and cordial cooperation
with business partners are indispensable.
FIRSTEC is pursuing profound partnership
with customers and has a close and
limber correspondence system
for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Building a cooperative management system for sustainable growth

FIRSTEC is preparing for an settled future through preemptive
measure against capricious global defense industry.
Furthermore, FIRSTEC is promising secure preparations of itself
for the future with ongoing investment and expertised
management skill for enduring growth.

Making a global splash of FIRSTEC
through technological innovation

Since its foundation in 1975, FIRSTEC has been playing a pivotal role
in the precision control technology through continual technological innovation.
FIRSTEC is also continuing its challenge with unstoppable passion to leap forward
as a distinguished company in the global defense industry.