About Us

FIRSTEC is a supporter of Korea's independent national defense strategy and provide for the global defense industry.

CEO Message

CEO Greetings

With passion for product quality management,
brand trust, and technological innovation,
FIRSTEC will play a pivotal role in the future
battlefield environment.

Welcome to FIRSTEC!
I would like to take this oppotunity to express
my sincere gratitude for your visit of the company.

FIRSTEC has launched its business in 1975 in an attempt to materialize Korea's independent national defense strategy, and is leading the technological development and supplying key components of sophisticated weapon systems in various technical fields such as guided weapons, ground mobility vehicles/artillery pieces, Aerospace, Naval/Underwater, unmanned system.

Since its foundation, FIRSTEC has been playing a pivotal role in the domestic defense industry market thanks to its continuous technological innovation, and is evolving into a distinguished defense company in the international ultra-precision mechatronics market.

To ensure ongoing growth of the company in the global market, FIRSTEC is planning business expansion by integrating new engines of growth that fueled by 4th industrial revolution and developing the countermeasures for preemptively corresponding in a volatile environment. The detail is as the followings.

First of all, FIRSTEC will ensure flawless customer satisfaction by supplying competitive products using product quality focused management.
Secondly, FIRSTEC will improve limber communication system & mutually benificial partnership for the sake of shared growth with customers & business partners.
Thirdly, FIRSTEC will introduce transparent & fair management system to secure continuous growth in the future.

I also would like to ask for your continued support and patronage so that FIRSTEC may evolved into an innovative defense company as 'product quality focused managment', 'passion for technical innovation', and 'spirit of challenge' of all FIRSTEC staffs are coming to fruition.

CEO_ Kyeong Seok SON